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   Soo Rye Yoo was born , 1958 in Seoul South Korea. There she grew up with two brothers and  studied painting, drawing and sculpture.

   She graduated from the E-Wha Art School in 1975 before opening several studios.
Throughout her early and mid career she participated in nearly two hundred and fifty group exhibitions, and five solo-exhibitions.

   In 2001 Soo Rye came to visit New England. She soon fell in love with the intimacy of the small local towns, the beauty of the bordering ocean shoreline and the warmth of the Spring and Summer months.

   She decided to make the United States her permanent home and attended the New Hampshire Institute of Art to receive her second BFA. At NHIA she was exposed to the freedom of American Abstract Expressionism and the openness of working large scale.

   In 2009 Soo Rye opened her own gallery and studio space in Rye NH. Through the gallery she works to help spread the contemporary values which are growing within the art world.
Her time in New England has inspired her work greatly. She continues to reflect her inspirations and experiences in her mixed media work.


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