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Sarah Gay

MIchelle Peterson    -     Jenn Houle    -     Jillian Provost     -     Julian Tejera     -     Stacy Howe     -    Sarah Gay    -   Brett Parenteau    

   I have always found myself intrigued by the mystery of time and the way we experience it; specifically the way we engage with our memories. As an artist I have spent a great deal of time exploring a variety of mediums to investigate these enigmas. Mixed media illustrations and time based (animation, video and sound design) chart my explorations.

The intention of my work is to explore the melancholy tension created from the layers of our past.

   Childhood memories of dragging crayons across paper, being alone, and literally tied to ones surroundings inspire me to create compositions that explore found or discarded objects, rough textures, and vulnerable characters.

   Materials sourced from various places include ruled notebook paper, old scraps of ‘found’ parchments and the last bit of a cakey colored pencil help create the terrain for these nostalgic moments.

Sarah (Sgay) is a Boston, Mass. based artist. Because Boston is for lovers.

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