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Pure Flight will welcome artists who are working, every day and night, to grow, soar and enjoy the freedom of breathing in the purity of those moments. This February you will meet several of New England's greatest young artists.Through the varying use of media techniques they bring to life a wide bestiary of animals, objects and narratives. 

We are glad to welcome our first, site specific installation, as well as large scale work that utilize the gallery to its full capacity.

Please join us March 2nd from 5-8pm for a very special reception.

We'd like to thank artscope magazine for their sponsorship throughout the promotion and exposure of the gallery and our artists.

Click the icon below & visit their site to learn more about the exciting cultural events in the area.

MIchelle Peterson    -     Jenn Houle    -     Jillian Provost     -     Julian Tejera     -     Stacy Howe     -    Sarah Gay    -   Brett Parenteau    

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