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Hea-Min Jeong
The Beauty of the Moment
September 15th 2021 - October 16th 2021

Opening reception September 18th 2021

We often wish we could make certain moments last forever. Leaves scattered in a breeze, the fading

red glow of the sunset, snow dusted cityscapes,

the fleeting stages of childhood. These events hang about us, then pass through our fingers.

Still, the meaning and impact of these moments

can often be missed at the time, and documenting the second by second passage of our lives has become routine. We attempt to capture them with our phones and cameras, translating these instances into pixels and data, but something is lost in the process.

Hea-Min Jeong’s technique preserves these momentary truths, with brush and paint; capturing the breadth of our lives along the surface of the canvas with a vividity and energy which remains otherwise lost behind our screens.


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