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Lee Seoung Youn

Solo Exhibition September 24 - October 13

Opening Reception September 28: 2pm - 5pm

Lee Seoung Youn was born and raised in South Korea, where she began her studies in the arts at an early age, eventually graduating from Wonkwang University with a Bachelor's Degree in Calligraphy, and later a P.H.D. in Chonbuk from the National University. 

A longtime exhibiting artist, judge and steering committee member of the Jeollabukdo Exhibition, Chairman of The Won Buddhism Calligraphy Association and Senior Director of Iksan Culture and Tourism Foundation; she currently teaches at Wonkwang University of Oriental Studies.

The artist describes her work as a process of expressing the true dignity and beauty of handwriting. Her work comes from a foundation of deep asceticism, where the avoidance of self indulgence produces a unique harmony between imagery and poetry.

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