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Fragments of Love and Desire

            This work is from my new series Fragments of Love and Desire. It is meant to tell parts of various stories about love, companionship, joy, longing and sometimes the complexities of relationships both realized and unrealized. A primary methodology in my work is the multiple. It is through working with multiples that I pursue an understanding of objects and ideas, internalizing the form and ultimately becoming intimate with the object as it is reproduced. Layers of meaning peel back as the process becomes a meditation in repetition.


Porcelain deer hooves reference a hunter’s trophy and a fragmented animal form. Unlike the rack of a prize buck, deer feet are less prized, hoping at best to become a gun rack or lamp base.  Not often thought of as a precious object, through material and context I am exploring another way of thinking about the delicacy of this detritus. I partner these porcelain hooves with sewn leather deer legs combine in surreal ways. The result is an anthropomorphized object provocative in it’s posture.

I think back to the rabbit’s feet we use to have as children. We fetishized these trinkets never registering how truly grizzly this all was.  My work is a tribute to my invented  ‘lucky deer hoof’.

An invented world motivates all my work. In this world these pieces are both salacious thoughts and the lucky rabbit’s foot I hook in the loop of my jeans.

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